Clara started teaching at Blue Fox Studio, which she opened in Fort Collins, CO. She has since moved to Washington, DC where she teaches private lessons from home, in studio, and online. Her teaching focuses on Old-Time and Country Fiddle, Guitar, Banjo, and Voice (and she can sometimes be found teaching ukulele and mandolin).

Clara's background in both classical and traditional music allows for a wholesome approach to teaching, combining classical technique, with the dynamics and creativity involved in fiddle music. Clara believes that teaching is essential in the preservation of traditional music, and teaches a method that mimics the way music was passed down traditionally. Clara starts new students with the basics of learning melodies by ear, and using the bow to effect tone, before delving into improvisation, and melody variation. Clara loves teaching students of all ages and levels and has extensive experience with children including teaching at the Davis Children's Fiddle Camp and directing the Children's program at the Rocky Mountain Old-Time Music Festival. 

email cdelfina.music@gmail.com for referrals, questions, rates and availability.