blue fox music studio

Clara owns and operates the Blue Fox Music Studio which began in Fort Collins, CO but has since moved to Austin, TX. The studio focuses on traditional music from North America and the British Isles.

Clara's background in both classical and traditional music allows for a wholesome approach to teaching, combining classical technique, with the dynamics and creativity involved in fiddle music. Clara believes that teaching is essential in the preservation of traditional music. Because of the community historically surrounding fiddle music, Clara arranges monthly beginning and intermediate jam sessions as well as periodic performances. The studio accepts students of all ages, and encourages young students to try their hand at fiddle, guitar, mandolin, or banjo. Clara has extensive experience with children including teaching at the Davis Children's Fiddle Camp. The studio emphasizes individualized teaching, since every student has different needs and learning strategies. Most lessons are taught by ear, but basic music reading and theory can be brought into lesson plans.

email or call 970 646 1648 for rates and availability.